End of the semester

Tu April 15
Urban Nature: Animals in the City, pp 175-243
The Fascinating Story of Why US Parks are Filled with Squirrels 
by Adam Clark Estes
Or this TED talk that Heidi found about guerilla gardening.
Short paper #20
Thursday April 17
The Art Group will be presenting.
The Poetry Group will also be presenting.

Tuesday April 22
Urban Nature Walk Group will be presenting.
Come prepared to take a walk.
Thursday April 24
The Food Group will be presenting.

Tuesday April 28 No class. 

Be sure you've signed up for an end-of-the-semester appt with Janine. Hand your folders in class on April 24. The portfolio should include ten short papers and a reflective paper on your presentation.

Week 12

Here's the google doc for our collaborative projects.

Tuesday April 8
Urban Nature: Seasons and Skies, pp 991-129.
Short paper #18
Thursday April 10
Eco City Dreaming: In Search of Green Urbanism for the Not-Rich
Or this TED talk that Heidi found about guerilla gardening.
Urban Nature: Backyards, Gardens, Parks, and Zoos, pp 133-171
Short paper #19

Week 11

Tuesday April 1
Urban Nature: Cityscape, pp 5-48. (Find a few poems that you especially like)
by James Howard Kunstler in Orion Magazine.
Short paper #16
Thursday  April 3
Urban Nature: Streets, Highways, Bridges, Rivers, pp 53-87.
Short paper #17

Here's a google doc for our collaborative projects.

Week 10

Tuesday, March 25
City Wilds: Ronald Fair, p 182. Jan Zita Grover, p 186.
Short paper #14

Thursday, March 27
City Wilds: Jesus Salvador Tervino, p 204. Robert Michael Pyle, p. 257.
Short paper #15

We'll get into groups for our collaborative projects.
Here's a google doc if you want to start planning ahead of time. Just add your name to a group -- or add a group.

Week 9

If you haven't yet met with Janine to figure out your grade, go to this link to make an appointment.

Tuesday March 18
Short paper #12 Choose a conversation you had, an incident you observed, a youtube clip you watched, a piece of art, a book you read, a magazine article, a blog post, a website, or a place you went to. Write about what it made you think about urban nature or the way that literature fits into our lives.

Also, check out this urban street art.

In addition: bring art supplies to class.
Thursday March 20  

City Wilds: 
Susan Power, p 168. 
Leonard Dubkin, p 174.

Also, here's the piece I was talking about in class:
Crimes Against Humanity by Ward Churchill

Here's the website Cayla was talking about: Native Appropriations.

And here's the link to Noah Fishing in Central Park.

Short paper #13

Comment on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Here's the link to the website Cayla told us about in class. If you want to leave a comment about the Keystone XL Pipeline, click on the regulations.gov link.

Week 8

Tuesday March 4
Hand in portfolio: ten short papers, plus synthesis project.
Be prepared to present synthesis project.

Go to this link to make an appointment to see Janine.
(We will figure out your grade at these fifteen-minute appointments.)
Thursday March 6
Stephen Harrigan, p 154. Sandra Cisneros, p 164.
Short paper #11